Voyager Re-Read: Chapter 02 + 03

Chapter 02: The Hunt Begins
Chapter 03: Frank and Full Disclosure
in which Claire, Roger and Bree start looking for Jamie in history and we learn more about Claire’s first year in Boston

Chapter 02 is a short one and most of it won’t make it onto the TV screen, because of how season 2 ended. On the show Claire believes Roger right away, when he tells her Jamie survived Culloden and already then she states she needs to get back to him. I wonder if the show at all will address that Jamie still might have died in the mean time or that they might not find out more about him. The drive to find out more about him starts the whole treasure hunt through history, so it’s going to be interesting to see how they will set that one up on the show.

Part of Chapter 03 already made it to into the show – Claire’s time in the hospital after she came back to the 1949. Another flashback is about her first few months in Boston, dealing with motherhood and how to keep the marriage to Frank going. I’m sure we will see something like that on the show at some point in the first few episodes, not necessarily exactly the way it’s described in the book. Either way it means: 1949/1950 Boston. It’s going to be fun to see what Terry and her costume department and Garry with his production design will come up with for that. He is building various two-storey sets so I guess one of those might be the Randall’s house in Boston.

I’m wondering how much of Fiona in the 1968 storyline we will actually see in season 3. Her part from book 2 has been cut so much, so I guess she won’t play such a vital part in book 3 either, but that makes me wonder about her role much further down the line, not to spoil it for anyone. I guess the TV show can and will work around that, but I might have to think a bit more about her part in the whole story.

In the book Brianna discovers the story of the Dunbunnet and the Leap of the Cask legend and that’s one thing they have to include surely to set up Jamie’s seven years at Lallybroch. The cave will be another set they need to build, but I bet that’s going to be an easy one.

I’m jumping ahead now (can’t help it) and wonder if they will actually have two actors play Fergus in Voyager, one for the 16 year old in 1752 and another one for the grown-up 30 year old in 1766.

Scotland 2016: Day 6 – 7: Durness – Thurso – Inverness

Leaving Durness really made me a bit sad, because I had such lovely hosts and such wonderful time on the beach and all around. I will definitely try to return some day and then stay for a few more days probably.

I headed on east along the northern coast and it was such a lovely drive. My first stop and walk around happened to be just outside of Durness at the ruins of Ceannabeinne village. Like hundreds of other Highland villages the tenants living there were evicted from their homesteads because the land owner had other plans for his property. The people of Ceannabeinne fought back for a while, which led to the Durness Riots, but in the end they had to leave their homesteads after all.

Ruins of Ceannabeinne village

Ruins of Ceannabeinne village

About one third of the way around Loch Eriboll the Danish ceramic artist Lotte Glob has her croft and studio. If my lovely host in Durness hadn’t told me about her and urged me to visit, I probably would have driven past and would have missed such an interesting place. It’s a studio and shop and sculpture garden and there is so much to see. Absolutely wonderful. And Lotte’s home, which has the form of a railway wagon looked pretty cool too.

Lotte Glob's Sculpture Croft

Lotte Glob’s Sculpture Croft

The rest of the drive on to Thurso was interesting in parts but in the end also a bit tedious, I admit. The road leaves the coast and takes you over hills and through fields and heather, there wasn’t that much new to look at. But it was ok for the 2 hours or so. I had made good time and thus continued past Thurso towards Castle of Mey, which was Queen Mum’s residence in Scotland. I wouldn’t have known this if my mom hadn’t told me about it. I wouldn’t go so far as call my mum a fan of the British Royals, but she’s followed their stories on the news and such all her life. We’ve watched Royal Weddings and Funerals and the Jubilee Celebration together. Castle Mey was lovely, especially because of all the guides who were  stationed all around the building and told interesting, quirky lovely stories about Queen Mum.

On my way back to Thurso I’ve stopped at Dunnet Head as well. I didn’t drive up all the way up north without something to show for it, right ;-)?

The next day took me from Thurso back to Inverness along the east coast of the Highlands, which is beautiful as well, but I admit I somehow enjoyed the rugged west coast a bit more. It was still a lovely drive down south. I stopped at Dunrobin Castle (another one to check off my list *g*) and spend quite some time strolling around the lovely small town of Dornoch, with it’s beautiful cathedral and even more so marvellous beach, which streches on for miles it seemed. It felt a bit weird to return to the “big city” of Inverness after that ;-)

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Ruins of Ceannabeinne village

Voyager (Outlander 3) Re-Read Challenge: Chapter 01

Filming for Outlander Season 3 started today in Scotland. Which seems like an appropriate day to finally start re-reading “Voyager”, the book this season will be based on. After “Outlander” (book 1) this is probably my 2nd favourite book of the series. I love the treasure hunt aspect of the first part and think it was a neat idea to tell the events of these 20 years that have past in both the 18th and the 20th century. I also very much enjoyed the sea voyage part of the story. I have a thing for big sailing ships and the ocean and everything about it. And of course this book has the reunion of Claire and Jamie. In the print shop in Fairfax Close *sigh*.

For this re-read I plan to read one chapter each day (to not have it interfere to much with the other novels I’m reading but also to make it last for a while) and I will try to post at least every 2nd or 3rd day. While reading and writing about it my plan is to focus on what certain aspects might mean for the TV show. Thoughts about which scenes I would definitely think should be included.  Thoughts about costumes and locations. Thoughts about new characters. And of course thoughts on anything else that might take my fancy. Here we go…

Chapter 01: The Corbies’ Feast
… in which Jamie finds himself still alive after the Battle of Culloden
I really hope Season 3 will start with exactly this scene. A close up of Jamie opening his eyes, the camera then panning out over the dead on the battlefield and then back to him in his despair once he’s realized that he didn’t die after all. Because once we readers knew that Jamie didn’t die on the battlefield we wanted to know what the hell had happened to him instead. And I bet it’s the same for the TV viewers. (Luckily I had started reading Outlander in 2009 so I had Voyager at hand once I had finished the previous book *g*)

For some reason I always forget that he wakes up next to a dead BJR and I hope they will really keep that in this scene (whenever they will actually show it in the series), because this is or will be important. At least that’s hinted at in books later one. I don’t want to see too much of the actual battle or at least not starting the show with it. To me it might work better to include it in some flashbacks later on.

I’m not sure how much of the scenes in the cottage we will actually get to see, but in my eyes they have to include the encounter with Lord Melton, William Grey’s brother, because it’s an essential part of the whole plot.

Here we have the first new character, although he won’t make another appearance until another 20 – 25 years later (depending on how much of the Lord John spin-off material they might include in the TV show), so I bet the actor himself might not make another appearance.

Not much to say about the costumes or sets from this chapter, but the make-up / prosthetic department at least can show their craft with the wound on Jamie’s leg ;-)


Scotland 2016: Day 4 – 5, Inverness – Durness

Day 4, 04 July 2016 – Inverness – Durness

I started my NorthCoast 500 tour in a cloudy Inverness and headed out east towards Ullapool. I’ve traveled this road and area twice before, so for this trip I had planned to not make too many stops but to drive all the way up to Durness in one day. Which I might re-consider if I ever do this trip again. Even though it’s only 125 miles / 200 km, it’s still a long drive, because of the small roads and speed limits and the urge to stop every few minutes because the view or the landscape or anything is just so amazing.

My first stop was Corrieshalloch Gorge and the Falls of Measach, where I spent about one hour walking the whole loop and got back to my car just before the drizzle/rain started. Most memorable of the drive to Ullapool probably was the radio news of Nigel Farage resigning. Crazy times! Unfortunately it kept raining slightly even in Ullapool, so after a quick stroll along the harbour and lunch in a cafe I headed on up north. Luckily it started to clear up and once I had reached Loch Assynt, it looked promising. Which was wonderful news, because Ardvreck Castle at Loch Assynt has been one of the reason for me to return up to this part of Scotland in the first place. I just love this place and I can’t really explain why. It’s just a small ruin of the corner of a castle.

Ardvreck Castle at Loch Assynt

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Thoughts On Frank Turner Songs – “Sailor’s Boots”

This is probably my favourite Frank Turner song. It’s one of his rarer songs in the way that it wasn’t released on a regular album, just as B-side and on a compilation. He doesn’t play it live very often either. Which was one of the reason I had thought I might have a good chance with it as a song request for the Stockholm show on my birthday in April.

Frank didn’t mention anything of this being a song request from me or anyone that night. But he did play it. My favourite song. On my birthday. At a show without a barrier. Where I could just comfortably lean against the stage and gaze up in awe while he sang these words. Bliss!

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