Miscellaneous, 2008/04/24

I couldn’t really enjoy Grey’s episodes 4.09 and 4.10 when they aired last year, because my mom was in a hospital at that time and fighting for her life. The episodes had just way too much blood and death and patients in life-threating conditions for my taste. My mom’s doing pretty ok now, but I still couldn’t really enjoy watching these episodes in German TV this week. Not so much because of the storylines, but more because I couldn’t help but remember the first time they aired and how terrified I was in these days.
And Rose was and still is a painfully obvious plotdevice, it’s actually embarrassing. It’s not going to get any better in the next few episodes I’m afraid. At least that’s what I gather from the spoiler clips. Oh yes, spoiler clips. Grey’s is back! Yay! I can’t wait for that extraordinary present. I won’t be able to watch it until Friday around noon I guess, because I have a appointment at my hairdresser in the morning.


I finished reading “Das Spiel der Könige”, the last part of a wonderful historical novel trilogy taking place in the England during the 15th century. I already praised this trilogy and this author last week, so I don’t have to do it again. But I feel a bit sad to say goodbye to the Waringham family and their friends. And I really really like the author Rebecca Gablé. She’s not only got a capturing writing style, but also a fine sense of humor, which is shown in her afterword. I hope I translated it correctly. “I ocasionally said I’d never write a novel about the war of roses. Only a maniac could expect his readership to read a story, in which almost every leading male character is called Edward or Henry and every woman is called Margaret. But as mania and writing are generally known to be close to each other….” or about the fact, that the latest forensic methods probably could determine if the skeletons found in the Tower really are the the sons of Edward IV and how they had died. “We definitely won’t find out any time soon, because the Queen denied another exhumation and examination of the skeletons. It’s her right, because she owns the Tower – with all the skeletons in it’s closet.”


How do you never find the things you’re looking for, when you need them? Bro #3 had some real handy piece cutlery he kept from his military training. I wanted to take it with me to Canada (in the suitcase not the carryon bag) to have a fork and an spoon in case we get some takeout food in the evenings. He spent the whole evening searching for it, without success yet. I guess I have to pack some ordinary cutlery. And he will find his the minute my plane took off.


Every once in a while I still get a very annoying almost painful scratch in just one spot at the back of my throat. ARGH! It makes me cough really hard and it probably sounds worse than it is. It’s just itching so bad!


And now I’m opening the package, that I got in the mail today. Finally! Patience is a virtue… :-)

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