The ugly side of politics…

Being a Green Party member of the towncouncil where the majority consists of narrow-minded and pig-headed democrates and conservatives calls for a thick skin. I don’t have that yet and don’t know if I’ll ever get one. Sometimes, especially before an heated debate over a controversial topic I think I’m way too thin-skinned for politics (and way too stupid and unintelligent and all the worse things anyone can think of themselves).
But strangely enough, during the debate I usually take the (low) blows pretty well. And there always are low blows, because that’s what they turn to, when they are running out of arguments. It’s so obvious it’s almost funny, but I don’t have that thick of a skin to laugh about it. But it doesn’t really bother me on a personal (self-perception) level and that feels really good. I’m just once again surprised over how low they stoop to counter any of our arguments. And not surprised in a positive way. It’s appalling actually. But I guess that’s politics :-)

I’m glad it’s all over for now though, because I was so nervous all day, the last few days actually, because I knew this debate was coming and we (the two Green Party members) would be in opposition to the rest, who will follow the mayor’s proposition without asking and thinking and discussing. ARGH! We have to blame ourselves, that we didn’t realized soon enough how serious and controversial the topic would become. The really really annoying thing is, that we’re not allowed to go public with anything (yet), as it’s about contract negotiations and business and stuff like that.

And the mayor (and the council majority) are on the completely wrong path with this idea. At least that’s what we think, but our arguments went unheared and all our pleas to at least take a step back and re-think and get some impartial expert knowledge from outside, are only countered with “we’re thinking about it for two years now, it’s a little late for you to ask for that kind of expert knowledge”. Right, because local politicians are the best experts for everyting and they don’t need anyone lecturing them. ARGH! This is soooo frustrating. It bugs me, that we didn’t requested to involve expert knowledge when the whole thing started two years ago. But we can’t change that now. So we can only hope to find some flaws in the final proposition to stop the whole project. But it will probably carried out anyway and it will be a really really expensive and very risky project. In a couple of years we’ll probably have to pick up the pieces…

But their ignorance and their impudence once more raised my fighting spirit. And I know it might sound cocky, but I’m so happy and proud that I didn’t stoop to their level of political debate.

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