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I know I’m a lazy person. And I know I sometimes spend an unusual amount of time doing personal stuff at work. But, and that’s an important BUT, I don’t ignore work that has to be done. Not on the professional level anyway. Talking about work for my postgraduate studies or work for local politics… totally different thing :-) There are some times when there is less work to do at the office than at other times. And if that’s the case I do personal stuff here without having much of a bad conscience.

Right now though, there are a lot of things to be done. But our boss (who is working someplace else, so there’s noone really checking on us) only informed my colleague about all the different kind of assignments, as my colleague formally is the superior of the two of us. I’m more than willing to do some of the work. Really. To make up for all the hours I didn’t really work, but still got paid. And I could if my colleague would be here to tell me about what we’ve got to do and what he already carried out. But he’s not here yet. I finally called him at home (he never calls me to let me know that he will come in later) and he will come to the office in about an hour. 

We both are only working parttime and he is working from his home sometimes and he has got a lot of other appointments because of his local political work and he is allowed to attend these. But he is still not here at work as much as he could be. At least that’s my impression. And that even after just a couple of weeks ago our bosses let us know that they are not happy about the fact that the office sometimes is not manned and that some tasks are not carried out the way and especially not on the schedule they should be. That’s the reason my working hours were increased (and my salary as well) and I’m willing to work these hours and to not just be in attendance, which seems to be the case recently.

Like I said, I’m a lazy person. And that sometimes bugs me. But feeling like a lazy AND useless person bugs me even more. And what really bugs me is, when he says “You’re bored at work? That’s cute…” when I call him and ask about his plan of attendance today. I just don’t want to get dressed down again for not working, just because HE is not working and thus I can’t either, because I don’t know what’s on the agenda. Argh! Men…!

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  1. I work for a mid-sized company. I’ve taken all I could for a little over three years, but now I’m at a point where I just can’t stand the place. The biggest problem is the “Boss” is a complete idiot. He screws up every good project we ever do. Everyone who works on it does their bit perfectly and then it gets to him and he just messes it up. We’ve probably spent over $10m messing things up this year. He never lets people do their jobs (which is what they were ostensibly hired to do). Instead, it’s all about making all the business concerns appear more than they really are so that it will make HIM money, and god knows we do that. And most of it is from highly dubious overseas business ventures and he doesn’t pay tax on any of it! (If the IRS wants to know, I have all the details.)With each day, I feel more and more like Tom Cruise in “The firm”. They bring someone new in, throw money at them, and then when you realise just how crooked and illegal their business practices are, it’s too late because you’re in too deep. If nothing else, you’re used to the money and it’s hard to walk away. And that’s the main reason anyone is still working there. The other is that some of them are so stupid, they couldn’t GET a job any place else. All the people with any sense have left already (couldn’t tolerate the daily swearing) . . . or have been fired for actually DOING their jobs and not standing for being walked over!When the indictments come, I won’t be there and I’m taking all my clients with me! I would say that the nets are closing in and the folks who think they’re so clever are about to come undone. In six months, they’ll all be in jail!

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