Gimme a little respect…

What happened to this society? Why doesn’t anyone teach the next generation a little respect for their fellow citiziens? Although I doubt that neither these kids nor their parents know the word “citizien”. But seriously, we weren’t like that 15 – 20 years ago, were we? We probably annoyed our parents and other grown-ups [I’m 33 and still don’t really feel like a grown-up… at least not all the time] to some extent, but not like this. Not like these kids nowadays.

I might overlook their constant mobile phone conversations in public, because sometimes even I talk on the phone in public. But I would never and did never turn up the volume of the music on my phone, or any other device with a speaker. I would never force anyone in the temporarily confined space like a train wagon to listen to my music (and even less that type of crappy music). And neither would have or does anyone I know from my generation.

I know there probably still are a lot more well-raised teenager with some understanding of “what to do and what not” in public. But the ones I meet during my commute every day are really getting on my nerves most of the time. I usually don’t say anything though (yes, I’m a coward) but this time I was just SO annoyed by the guys sitting close to me, that I did and I asked them to turn down the volume or turn it off completely. They
didn’t, but instead decided to move themselves to another train wagon. I enjoyed the silence. For a few minutes until another couple got on board and of course they had to listen to some music too. But they sat to far away from me (I could still hear it) and I was getting of at the next stop anyway, but still… Why doesn’t it ever cross their minds, that their behaviour might be rude? Not to speak of their crappy taste in music. If you want to listen to “Listen To Your Heart” at least listen to the original and not some lame cover-version. At least show some respect for Roxette, if not for your fellow passengers…

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  1. How I hate those mobiles with integrated mp3 player! They are even more tedious than loud headphones! And I almost always tell them to turn down the volume or to switch the thing off because their music is crap. And most of the time they do what I told them…
    These kind of teens are the most annoying ones, I agree. There are still “normal” ones around but they never use busses, trams or other public transportation.

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