Off and cranky

If I didn’t know better I’d think I’m PMSing. But I know it can’t be. So I guess I’m really suffering from a post-vacation or more precisely a post-Canada-depression. And some weird form of still ongoing jet-lag. And of not being able to really sleep at night. I feel so off! Didn’t I just wrote a post about exactly that before I left for Canada? *sigh* But I’m really listless and cranky! I don’t even like myself much at the moment. I tried to cheer me up with starting the first of my Canada posts this afternoon, but I couldn’t finish it, because I had to go to a green party meeting. And already started to question why I ever took on that additional function? And then I got home to find of the streets of my usual route closed, because of construction (“There are only two season in Canada: Winter. And Construction” *g*) and found Bro#3 watching hockey. How could Canada have such a hard time scoring against Norway (I caught the 2:2 tie and the 5-on-3) while they totally run us over with a steam-roller? *sigh* At least the score at the beginning of the third period looks more like the one I expected. I actually wanted to go to bed early tonight, but I guess I’ll keep watching the game. Snacking the “comfy” food I just got on my way home. Sorting through the Canada photos I want to show my co-worker tomorrow. When I’ll probably wake up just as cranky as I’ll be going to tonight. Thank god I’ve got Friday off…

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