A Week in the Life of liljan98 – Volume III

Rules of WITL

It’s difficult to take interesting pictures, when you spend some hours of the day with somebody else and you can’t or don’t want to explain your desire to take apparantely random pictures :-)

Volume III – Sunday, 1st June, 2008

volume III - 1- First outdoor breakfast of the year
10:34 am – “First outdoor breakfast of the year”

volume III - 2 - Outdoor studying...(pretend to at least)
12:32 am – “Outdoor studying…(pretend to at least)”

volume III - 3 - Some children's games never change...
03:16 pm – “Some children’s games never change…”

volume III - 4 - Some late lunch at my mom's
03:43 pm – “Some late lunch at my mom’s”

volume III - 5- My brothers' dart scoreboard
08:02 pm – “My brothers’ darts score board”

volume III - 6 - Usual mess in my hall
10:04 pm – “Usual mess in my hall”

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