A Week in the Life of liljan98, Volume VI

I hate these days, when I have to stay at work for an evening meeting. I can come in later in the morning of these days, so I don’t actually work more hours, but I just don’t like coming home (from work) that late.

Rules of WITL

Volume VI, Wednesday, 4th June, 2008

volume VI - 1 - nice name for a bar restaurant
10:12 am – “nice name for a bar restaurant”

volume VI - 2 - wearing my new crocs
11:00 am – “Wearing my new crocs”

volume VI - 3 - what would work be without coffee
11:14 am – “What would work be without coffee?”

volume VI - 4 - Yay!
01:24 pm – “Yay!”

volume VI - 5 - magnet finally in place
04:33 pm – “Magnet finally in place”

volume VI - 6 - finally on my way home
08:58 pm – “finally on my way home”

volume VI - 7 - going back to Casvelyn
22:34 pm – “going back to Casvelyn”

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