In Bruges (aka: Brügge sehen… und sterben?)

I read a few positive reviews, so we went to see  last night, before it’s out of the movie theatres. I have to admit, that I didn’t remember much of what I’ve read about the plot, so I didn’t really know what to expect and what I would get. But I really liked what I got. It was a weird movie in some way, but it was funny and it also had it’s touching moments and it switched from one to the other rather quickly in some scenes. I still felt very much entertained. The end was not what I had expected, but it fit to the rest of the movie. So, yes, weird in some way, but not bad weird.

I can’t believe Colin Farrell is a year younger than I am… It makes me feel old, in a strange way. He doesn’t really look older than 32, but I just expected him to be older, because I’ve already known him (as an actor, unfortunately not personally *g*) for a few years now. I guess I didn’t count on him already being a leading male in his twenties. Which is my own fault, because of course there are a lot of actors who are already successful and popular in their (early) twenties. I guess it all comes down to me still seeing myself as a mid-twenty girl, which I’m clearly not anymore. And which I haven’t been for quite a while now, but  I still haven’t got used to that …

Anyway, I didn’t know that Colin Farrell at whatever age could look that crumpled and cute. In a few scenes I found him utterly adorable. And I never thought I’d say that about Colin Farrell…

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