Miscellaneous, 2008/06/08

The family, which moved into my apartement building last year, has discovered the lawn behind the house this summer. Playing, doing barbeque and that stuff. It’s great for them, but the lawn is directly in front of my patio, so I feel a bit bothered sometimes. Not because they are doing anything too loud or bothersome, but merely because I could enjoy my patio without any interference, without anyone making any noises. I could read and sunbath in solitary and peace. I guess I just have to get used to it. And if I really want my solitude I can move myself (and my book and my music) to my mom’s garden two blocks away.


I did my first bicycle tour today. 25 km, 1 hour 35 minutes. Not too bad, considering that it was the first and I didn’t exercice at all during the winter months. I even felt fitter than I expected, at least I had less trouble as expected going up some small hills. It felt good to be cycling again though and I hope I’ll pull myself together more often to do it in the following weeks. I have to admit even these 1,5 hours made me a bit groggy. Not right away, but I feel exhausted now. And I have a few stressful hours ahead of me tonight…


This weekend our town had a huge group of visitors from our partner town in France, because we celebrated a special anniversary of town twinning. My mom and I went to a special open air bi-lingual church service this morning and something that was mentioned in the sermon, really made me think: The mere fact, that we have a partner town in France and that we have this cultural and friendly exchange. One generation ago (my mom experienced WW II), Germany and France were at war. And every generation before them experienced the same: France was the enemy. We are the first (or first two) generations in both countries who don’t go to war against each other. Who live not just in peace, but even in friendship. I actually knew all that before, but somehow I knew it even more today. We are indeed lucky to be living in these times and these countries.


And now I will try and do some long overdue grad school reading. Not much, because I’ll meet Bro2 and Bro3 at my mom’s place in a while, and we’ll go and watch German vs Poland at EURO 2008 tonight at the local football team’s club house. Bro1 might join us there as well, so it’s going to be fun.

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