Today’s achievements…

Weeeellll…. I got some things done. Not as much from my list as I planned, but putting the shopping on it was optimistic, because it required Bro3’s car and his time, but he willingly provided all of that and I could alreday check off a few things of my to-do-list. And I’ve got some other stuff done today, not necessarily things I had to do right now, but as I’m the queen of procrastination, that doesn’t surprise me :-)

  • cleaned the dishes from the last couple of days
  • adjusted some of the job stationary, but not finished it yet
  • send the LOST package to M.
  • finally updated the dates and some other stuff on my fanpage
  • and even watched quite a lot of EURO 2008 on the side

But now I’ll switch off the EURO broadcast and turn on my DVR to watch the fourth Lynley Mysteries movie.

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