Can anyone else look even hotter with glasses?

I tried so hard to not write a post about this because it’s sooooo shallow. Which I’m usually not or at least I want to believe that I’m not :). But there finally are photos of Paddy’s new Versace ad and they blew me away. He blew me away…

When I first saw the one with glasses I wasn’t sure if I really like that look. But the longer I look at it, the more I like it. Scrap that, I LOVE it. He looks… so different, but still pretty awesome. Why doesn’t Derek Shepherd need to wear glasses? Damn… And the google ones in the OR don’t count, because they are as unsexy as can be… :)

versace glasses

The other three photos can probably be found on any Grey’s fansite, messageboard by now, but why don’t you pay a visit to Daily Dose of Dempsey, which is my favorite site for Paddy pics at the moment and where I found these first.


  1. I’m looking at it, and looking, but I still do not like it… Such glasses were worn by women in 90´s maybe… Sorry, but I do not like it. He looks like a woman to me in those glasses…

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