London (part 3): Sunday, 27th July 2008

On Sunday I finally left my jacket at the hotel *g* and my first stop was Shakespeare’s Globe a reconstruction from the 16th century’s theatre.

Shakespeare's Globe

I got there just in time to catch the 09.30 AM tour with a really nice, funny and committed tour guide and I went back to the exhibition after the tour. My resolution to visit more theatre performances in Germany was fuelled some more. It was really fascinating to hear and read about this endeavour to reconstruct this theatre. A lot of money was raised by selling flagstones (with the name of donor engraved) for the yard in front of the theatre.

One of the many donors to Shakespeare's Globe

Unfortunately Sam Wannamaker, the guy behind the idea and most central to the project, died a few years before the Shakespeare’s Globe opened in 1997.It was definitely worth the visit and I was lucky to have been there that early, because when I left there were Italian teenagers on a field trip and just a lot of people around. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday, so a lot of people were to be expected everywhere.

And of course they were at the Tower as well, which sadly tarnished my visit there. I read quite a few historical novels in the last years, in which some central scenes take place at the Tower and I was looking forward to see this location with my own eyes and fuel my imagination. But it was just swarmed with tourists. Groups, individuals and just a lot of them, which made the whole location to crowed and noisy for my taste, so I didn’t stay long.

Inside the Tower
Inside the Tower

Tower Bridge

I decided to get in the queue for the City Cruises from Tower Pier to Westminster. Of course a lot of other people planned to do that to (sunny Sunday) but waiting a bit was ok and the tour itself as well. I hoped that the Abbey shop was opened so I could get some stuff which interested me the day before, but of course the shop was closed on Sundays as the Abbey itself isn’t open for public either.

Westminster Abbey

I spend some time at the interesting (if you’re interested in WW II stuff) Churchill Cabinet War Rooms and from there walked back to… Leicester Square (yes, where else *g*?) and saw at the tkts billboard that there were still tickets available for “Stomp” at 06.00 PM that day. There was no queue at the ticket box (it was around 02:30 PM after all) so I spontaneously decided to get a ticket for that performance.
After having a Pizza Hut lunch (again) and checking out where the theatre was, I spend the rest of the afternoon at Covent Garden, strolling around the different market stalls, sitting in a café and enjoying the musicians and other artists on the piazza. Just like a Sunday should be like.

Inside Covent Garden markets

“Stomp” was really cool to watch. I didn’t quite know what to expect, accept that it was about rhythm. And I have to admit it took me about 10 – 15 minutes to really get into it. But then I enjoyed it immensely. I decided to visit Buckingham Palace (with now crowds in front of it) and Queen Victoria Memorial that evening as well.

Buckingham Palace
Queen Victoria Memorial

Just when I left there to walk back to the tube station, there was the announced shower. Very light and very short though, but nonetheless. At least the forecast wasn’t 100% wrong ; -) I decided to head back to the hotel anyway.

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