New home for a flatscreen TV… ?

Sluff is giving away his flatscreen TV and he turned the process of giving it way into a competition. I read about it at the Chitime blog and immediately thought “I would LOVE to get that TV” but I also thought that there were hundreds of people out there more creative than me, so I wouldn’t stand a chance to win. And where would I put a TV that huge anyway?

But obviously there haven’t been many applications yet so I still might have a chance and that’s way I’m throwing my hat in with this application letter. I’m a TV show junkie and could put this flatscreen TV to good use after all ;-)


Dear Sluff,

I really would love to win this flatscreen TV and I can assure to provide a loving and respectful environment for this new and highly developed device. I guarantee that it will never have to display crappy programs like DSDS, “Sarah and Mark in love”, “Gülcan and Collien ziehen aufs Land” or any of the brainless reality tv shows about getting a new job, building a new house or moving to another continent. Instead the flatscreen TV will mostly be in regular use to display movies or TV shows (like Grey’s Anatomy, LOST) either via direct broadcast or via DVD. Until July 15th my present TV can look back on having displayed 25 movies and over 75 episodes of various TV shows (check this Movie/TV list for details).

To make sure this flatscreen TV will not get bored or out of practice I already compiled a “work program” for the rest of the year which will at least include over 30 episodes of TV shows during the summer and new TV show episodes on a weekly basis from September till December. Every once in a while the flatscreen TV will be able to display movies as well, as my DVD rental list include about 10 movies at the moment plus the stack of newly bought DVDs on my shelves.

The flatscreen TV will not only benefit from my attention but also from the companions it will find in my apartement. It will join of a family of rather new media devices, like the Panasonic DMR EH-56, a digital video recorder which not only plays various DVD formats, but also contains a harddisk with about 20 hours of unwatched material for the flatscreen TV to display. And furthermore there will be a flat panel computer display which definitely will be delighted to get some company from a fellow flatscreen. Just take a look how close they would get…


I’m sure these two will find enough stories to share and things to pass the time whenever I can’t be home to give either one the proper attention.

So all in all I can assure you that your flatscreen TV would be in very good hands in my apartement and I hope you will consider my application.

With kind regards


Wish me luck ;-)

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  1. Hi lilian98… thank you for your entry!

    You’ll in the list of participants for my “giveway”-contest :D

    I wish you good luck!

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