Random four…

Last week I took a picture with my cellphone and wanted to post it here. And a couple of days later another one. I never got around to do so and it all wasn’t really important and there wasn’t much to say anyway. Today I took a third picture and as three is an odd number, I took a fourth and here they are, a totally random collection of the past week.


I finally got to see Bro1’s flagpost and of course they fly their hockey club’s flag.

In Bochum there are new traffic lights for pedestrians, displaying how many seconds until you are allowed to go. We saw those in Toronto as well and I think that’s a great idea.

Instead of this huge chestnut tree this view will include Bro2’s house in that spot (next to my family’s house). It’s going to be soooo different. *sigh*

And today I tried the new softdrink from Coca-Cola and have to say: Very bad imitation of the original (Bionade).

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