And suddenly I was offline…

I usually write all my entries in a text editor and just copy them to this wordpress blog and my livejournal. Yesterday around noon I was in the process of inserting the right LJ cut and stuff at my livejournal, when my internet suddenly shut down. First I thought it was just livejournal but then I realized no other site was working and I noticed blinking lights at my DSL modem, which is never a good sign.
So I did the usual, switch off the modem, wait a while, switch it back on. Nothing changed. I tried it a couple of times, before I called the service hotline. “Due to thunderstorms there can be breakdowns in some regions” was the automatich message on the hotline. I left my apartement for the afternoon (for other reasons) but when I came back around 7 PM it still wasn’t working. And so wasn’t the hotline: “This service is temporarily unavailable…” WTF ?!? It’s a service hotline! I tried it again later and even got someone on the phone, who could only tell me that there was indeed a major connection breakdown in my region and it would take till the next morning to be up and running.

I once again realized how dependend I am on the internet nowadays. It’s really pathetic. I usually don’t mind being shut off the internet too much – or at least I can handle it – if I know it in advance. Or if I can use Bro3’s internet instead. But he is shut off for months now as well. Different story :-) Anyway, to be offline from one moment to the other sucks.


Update on my mom’s health status: She lost the feeling in her left hand for a while now and our GP first thought it was some ortho stuff. But the orthopedist didn’t find anything and sent her off to a neuro specialist. That’s what we went yesterday, as she went to get that consult at “my” neuro practice.
And they found the cause pretty easily as it was obviously standard symptoms. I don’t know why I never thought of that: She’s got carpal tunnel syndrome, something pressing on the nerves in her wrist and she most probably has to have surgery for that. We don’t know anything more yet, until she sees a hand surgeon and discuss everything wit our GP. And it’s not like she didn’t go through enough crappy medical stuff yet *sigh* My back pain is still the same by the way…


Yesterday I finally took some pictures of my darts. Pretty neat, ain’t they…?


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