"Funniest comment of the day" Award…

…goes to my mom today.

Bro2 is planning to build a house directly next to my mom’s / the family’s house. He planned to do it for a while and just a few weeks ago finally started to put the plan into action. Hiring a conveyer, hiring an architect, talking to solicitor about property issues and so on. Today my mom got the official authorization to have another house build on her property and that document included information about the house number for that new house. I guess the authorization of the building licence for the house itself will reach us soon as well.
A couple of days ago Bro3 and and I wondered where exactly on the property the sewer, the power supply line and the phone line will be situated. (Power and phone are underground in Germany). I asked Bro2 this afternoon and he hasn’t thought about that yet. I guess it’s a good thing that Bro1 and Bro3 work(ed) in the building sector either as engineer or craftsman and that those two know how to deal with these matters.

When I told my mom that Bro2 – who is the builder after all – had no idea where the lines could / should / have to be she only deadpanned: “But at least he’s already got his own house number…” which totally cracked me up. The next few months / next year will be really exciting (funny and annoying) for all of us…:-)

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