Baltic Sea vacation

Last night I remembered that I haven’t posted anything more about my vacation yet. Shame on me. Although there isn’t really much to tell, because it was not that much of sightseeing but more of relaxing. All these (and some more) photos can be found in a bigger resolution at this slideshow at ipernity

On Thursday we went exploring the Darß and Zingst peninsula including a boat tour on the river Prerow and the lagoon.
River Prerow Woods at the Baltic Sea

View on the Baltic Sea, Dune near Prerow Prerow beach

We spent Friday on Rügen, Germanys biggest island. We drove all the way up to the north coast (Kap Arkona) and the lighhouses there (of course, because I have a thing for lighthouses, in case you haven’t noticed that yet) We walked around that spot quite a while, climbed down some wooden stairs to the rocky beach and I got sun burnt that day. But I didn’t mind, it was vacation after all and I was happy to that we had so many sunny days.

Lighthouses, Kap Arkona, Rügen View from the lighthouse at Kap Arkona, Rügen

Königstreppe, Kap Arkona, Rügen Coast, Kap Arkona, Rügen

We continued our trip on the east coast of the island and stopped in Binz, which has been a huge seaside resort since the early 20th century. I liked the old buildings and all, but even though it wasn’t crowded, there were too many people around for my taste. So we didn’t stay long and decided to drive back.

The weather forecast for Saturday wasn’t that good, so we decided to spent the day in Stralsund, which was nice as well. But of course a lot of people around, Saturday Shopping and all. We thought about visiting the new marine museum Ozenanum but the queues outside were huge, so we skipped that and continued our stroll through the town.

Rearside of the Ozeaneum Stralsund townhall

On Sunday we went on a trip to Hiddensee, which is another island. We took the boat this time, three hours each way and four hours on the island. Thank God it was warm enough to sit outside on the boat, so we could enjoy the sunny weather and the view cruising through the lagoon and off to the island. We didn’t rent bikes on Hiddensee, which we probably should have done, because we didn’t see too much of that small island on foot. It was a nice trip nonetheless.

Hiddensee, beach Nationalpark Boddenlandschaft

On Monday and Tuesday Bro2 had to go on a work trip to a different town in East Germany, so I took him to Stralsund where he catched the train. I thought about visiting the Ozeanum then, but the sun was shining and I decided to make good use of that. I drove back out to the peinsula and had an awesome sunny beach day there. I didn’t go swimming, because I really only do that in the summer. Even though it was warm, it was not warm enough for me to jump into the ocean. Quite a few people did though. Anyway I enjoyed just sitting on the beach, reading, listening to the waves and just stare out onto the ocean and wish I could stay there forever. Or at least for a few more days.

My feet on the beach Prerow beach

Zingst beach Baltic Sea, harbour

On Tueseday I did work on my term paper a lot, strolled around the small town in which we were staying and went back to Stralsund later that day to pick um Bro2. We decided to check if there still were queues at the Ozeaneum, but there wasn’t, so we headed in. I liked it a lot, even though the entrance fee was rather expensive. (14 € / almost $ 20). The “giants of the sea” exhibition was really impressive. It was a three- or four storey room and there were several life-scale models of a blue whale and some other whales. And I knew these animals were huge, but to stand there and see that for myself was quite an experience. I didn’t take any pictures at that museum, because it would have costed an extra fee, which I didn’t feel inclined to pay.

And then it was already time to say goodbye, to pack up and go back home :-( But I’ve already talked to my coworker and it’s no problem to spend another vacation there any time in the future.

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