No lazy sunday…

10:18 pm: Damn, I forgot how much revising a paper takes after all. But now I’m really done for today. I will read the paper very thoroughly once more tomorrow and then hand in the final version tomorrow night. Not the best work I’ve done, but the best I could do at the moment. That’s the same thing I thought about the enviromental law paper and I totally rocked that one. 95/100 points. But I won’t get that much for this one I’m afraid.

07:54 pm: Decided to being done with the term paper. Writing it, that is. Now I will only proof-read it for typos and grammar and punctuation and such. I know I could have  done better, if I had spend more time working on it. If I had started working on it earlier with more determination. It seems to be the same story every time *sigh* Am I complaining much? I guess so. I should just shut up and do something about it. What do they say? The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem :-) But I’m shutting up now and will start revising my paper. Just one last thing: Wasn’t daylight saving time suppose to give you more hours of daylight? It doesn’t seem like it at the moment and I dread the time when we switch back to the normal time in a couple of weeks and it will get dark even earlier in the day.

06:15 pm: Procrastination galore. I won’t even tell you how useless I spent the last 45 minutes *sigh* I’ll try to check it off as needed break. From what…? Yeah, right. Now I’m in the middle of doing the last bit of research for my paper during the process of revising and tweaking. The Sharks lost 1:5 by the way. I have no idea what to say to that…

04:04 pm: Sharks were behind 0:3 after 15 minutes *sigh* At least the Huskies didn’t score a fourth goal yet. The third period will start in a couple of minutes and the Sharks really really have to score now. Anything else would be a disaster! Losing the first five games of the season? Not good, so not good. I’ll keep my fingers crossed but even though the Sharks seemed to have been better in the 2nd period, I’m not very hopeful. I had some lunch and even already did the dishes. Now I’m out of excuses to not continue revising and tweaking my paper. As much as I can with my fingers crossed :-)

2:40 pm: I’m a really undisciplined worker. During the last 90 minutes I checked my mails every few minutes and got up to get something to drink from the kitchen about every 15 minutes. How did I manage to stay on my seat and concentrated in school and university *wonders*? Maybe it’s just that I still don’t get the hang of this assignment. I finished wiriting the first (actually second) draft now so the paper (as draft) is complete now. But it still needs a lot of tweaking. I revised the completed parts on paper last night while I was watching “Schlag den Raab” and will at least revise them in the file while I listen to the hockey broadcast from Cologne. The Sharks are already 0:1 behind after just a few minutes. According to the reporter the defense sucked once again…

1:06 pm: The next couple of hours are booked for finishing the term paper. I have no idea how I will manage to do that and I already know that it won’t be the best work I’ll ever have done. I should have started working on it much earlier. Stupid, stupid and lazy me. I guess I shouldn’t even write this post right now, but I just feel the need to write about how much I’m annoyed with myself for that laziness. It’s a beautiful sunny (and cold, but sunny nonetheless) autumn Sunday afternoon and I’m stuck inside with the blinds closed, because I couldn’t read anything on my computerscreen because of the sunbeams from outside.

My mom had asked me to drive her to church this morning which I thought was a great idea, because it forced me to get up early and then I could also start working on the term paper rather early. But of course it took a while till I got back after church and then I just couldn’t overlook the dirty dishes in the kitchen and… I actually also wanted to write about the chocolate I forgot on my desk last night, but I have no idea how to fit that into this post, although it already might be the most random post I’ve written recently. Another random thing: I met a new neighbour – there seems to be a constant moving in / moving out going on in this building – and she at least had the decency to introduce myself to me and to stop for some small talk. I guess it’s really a generation thing. She seems to be in her late 40s while most of the other new tennants are younger than me and those never ever felt the need to introduce themselves, even if we met on the stairwell. Manners degenerate not only on the internet, I guess.

Ok, now I will get the chocolate from the fridge, where I had to put it, after I forgot it on my desk over night and the sun sort of melted it this morning (Hey, I managed to insert the chocolate story) and really start working on the paper for at least 90 minutes nonstop. At 2:30 pm I have to switch on the hockey broadcast so I only will be able to concentrate on revising the paper. If at all. And then there still is all evening *sigh* I guess I will keep this post updated with my progress. Or lack of it. Or anything else that’s distracting me….

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  1. Oh my God. I can NOT tell you how much I can relate to that! Procrastination is a b****! I have an exam tomorrow which I havent studied for. It’s now 9:20 pm and I somehow still beleive I’m going to get to study for it. I think I’m in a very delusional state hahaha…

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