Miscellaneous, 2008/10/10

I’ve watched Grey’s 5.03 tonight and I’m feeling not much inclination to watch it again tomorrow to write a decent review. That should tell me something, right? Even though the episode had some character development and gave us some character insight, it still left me extremly underwhelmed. (a word which I just learned recently and finally can put to use). Or maybe I just don’t like episodes in which I dislike Derek … :-)

° ° ° ° °

Anyone who’s following me on twitter might have noticed that this week was very busy work-wise. I spent most of the week working on a study we planned to publish. I never thought it would take that much time to do the layout and all. Besides that publication I had to work on three different assignments / projects yesterday. Which included a lot of phone calls to my employers and some “associate”. [Yes, I know I’m omnious about my job, but it’s rather difficult to explain in English without getting to specific and identifiable. Or maybe I’m just a bit paranoid *g* Anyway…] Person A said one thing and asked me to check if person B agrees. B agrees, but suggests I should talk to C about it. Of course I had to sum up A’s + B’s positions first to explain it to C. C has some additional thoughts on the project, so I have to get that additional information back to A + B. Multiple this with the number of projects and throw in a few more persons with different opinions and you might get an idea of my day yesterday. In the end I thought my head exploded!

To top all that the associate had severe objections concerning a small press conference we (co-worker and I) had organized for our employers. He thought it was the wrong time to talk to the press, because there might be questions about a project which isn’t finalized yet. He was pissed, that we didn’t consult with him first and he was especially pissed at my co-worker for some other reasons as well. So when the associate had learned about the press conference yesterday, he was furious and I had to listen to his rants about my co-worker and why he (co-worker) didn’t consult with him (associate) first and so on. My co-worker wasn’t in the office, because he just returned from a vacation yesterday afternoon. I tried to ease the situation and asked the associate to talk to my boss about that, so that these two could work out something to fend off that possible problem. But the associate refused and expected my co-worker to call him and explain himself. I felt like I was back in kindergarten. Thank god my boss called the associate anyway and the problem seemed to have been solved. I was still furious about the associate, because he is NOT our employer and even though we work together closely, he has no right to rant vent about my co-worker that way.
Anyway, the smal press conference took place today and neither the press or anybody else asked or told anything about the “oh so delicate” project. Nobody. Until the associate himself started to talk about it. Out of the blue and totally unnecessary! I sat there and couldn’t believe what I heard. He gave me such a hard time yesterday and then HE just spills everything?!?! ARGH!

° ° ° ° °

I saw a huge “Made of Honour” advertisment on the display window of a DVD rental store this afternoon and immediatly went to the CD/DVD store, only to find out that it’s not released until the 24th. :-( On my way out I stumbled across the new Keane CD, which I didn’t even know has been released. I didn’t know a new album was in work in the first place. I haven’t listened to it yet, but I’m happy there even is a new album to listen to.

° ° ° ° °

I really have to spent some time tonight reading the study material for my “Enviromentally friendly mobility” course. The attendance seminar for that is next weekend and I still haven’t read about half the material. I’m soooo behind on my reading and studying, which is the downside of a flexible distance education postgraduate program. You have to have so much discipline, which I’m obviously lacking at the moment. Did I mention that I got the grades for the “Energy – Basics” paper last week? The paper which I wasn’t sure I’d pass, because the study material sucked and I had no idea what half of the questions were about. Well, maybe not half, but… Anyway I passed that paper with a D (satisfactory, 66%) which was what I expected or even better hoped for. To pass at all.
Today I had the graded “Emphasis Energy” paper in the mail. B (very good, 88%). Yay! But I had a rather good feeling with that paper after all. I’m still not sure what to think of the “Climate Change” paper I handed in a couple of days ago. I had to officially revise it, because the references / list of bibliography was lacking, so I might even lose some points for that technality. So far I’ve finished four courses and was graded from A to D. I hope the D was the slip-up, but as that probably was the last natural science course I took, so it can only get better. If I’ll work more disciplined! Which I should be starting today. Now!

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