Bob the Builder (II)

The town council meeting took much longer than expected and I could go on and on about the SPD being jerks once again, but I’m too groggy to rant now. So I’ll just give you some photos, I took with my cellphone this afternoon of the parents garden / construction site. The quality is not the best (cellphone and all) but I forgot to bring my camera and I didn’t have time to go to my home and get it, because I had to be at the townhall.The whole site might look much different the next time I’ll be there during daylight, so these ones will have to do for now. You might want to open this post with the old photos in another browser window to compare the view :-)

Here was the tree stump, next to the front door.

Two photos of the view from the closed (we actually took off the handle) door onto the patio. Well, onto the what once had been the patio.

And the view from the yard.

It’s so so strange. I knew the whole lawn would be destroyed in the construction process, but to actually see it, makes me sad anyway. I didn’t dare to climb around the site to take some closer pictures of the former lawn and mountains of earth and all that. :-(

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