Getting Ready For the Starbucks Challenge Ruhr

I got home much later than I thought an for some strange reason my knee hurts, so this is just a short post announcing my Starbucks Challenge Ruhr again, which will take place tomorrow. And this is all the stuff I am going to carry around with me.

Starbucks Ruhr Challenge 01 - Getting Ready

My own coffee mug, because there is a 10% discount if you bring your own mug for drinks “to go”. A snackbox (which doesn’t include the sandwich yet), because i don’t want to live only on coffee and cookies tomorrow. I’ll buy some fruits somwhere along the way as well. I’ll also have to buy some beverages for the time I’ll be spending traveling from location to location. Or I might just take something with me if I’ll find a water bottle I can use for that. A book to keep me entertained. My cellphone for reporting about the challenge via twitter and for musical entertainment, thus the headphones. My purse, including two public transport tickets. My regular monthly ticket and an additional one, because the monthly one isn’t valid in all the cities I’ll be traveling to tomorrow. Information sheet with time tables for the trains etc. and adresses for the few coffee houses I haven’t been to yet. Some documents I have to read for a grad school seminar next week and I’m planning to at least attempt to read some of that on one of the longer trips tomorrow. In case I don’t feel like studying or reading a novel, I’ll also bring a newspaper. A notebook to write down notes like (time of arrival, money spent and all kind of other stuff). My pencil case and of course the camera, I took this photo with.

The planned schedule is something like this (all times approximately)

09.40 am – 10.40 am Duisburg
11.00 am – 12.00 am Oberhausen
12.45 am – 13.15 pm Mülheim
13.30 pm – 15.00 pm Essen (including a lunch somewhere)
15.30 pm – 16.15 pm Bochum
16.30 pm – 17.30 pm Dortmund

Which also means that I have to get on the train around 08.00 am in the morning and it’s about time to turn off the computer and go to bed and get some sleep.

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