Miscellaneous, 2008/11/04

I checked the fourth (unkown to me until now) Starbucks location in Essen, which I found in the yellow pages. And it’s not a coffee house at all, but company offices. It actually would have surprised me if there really had been a coffee house in that part of the town. Although it’s lively neighbourhood I wasn’t sure there actually were enough people around for a Starbucks to make enough business. I will have to adjust the map and route now and update my public transport timetable.

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I’ve got a new keyboard… *squee* A few days ago I just couldn’t stand to look at the worn out and filthy keyboard I had. Yes, of course I could have cleaned it diligently , but I just didn’t feel like doing so :-) I should think about getting some cover for this one though to keep some of the dust and filth out for as long as possible.
This new one is neat and slim and stylish but still has got the old traditional layout with extra arrow keys and lock keys and a numeric keypad on the right Most of the availabe keyboards in the store came with the usual laptop layout without numeric keypad and the arrow keys integrated into general keypad and everything. The keys on these board look so huddled and my stubby fingers need more room to roam on a keyboard. Plus this new one feels just good and easy to type on.

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I finished reading “White Teeth” and I loved it. Zadie Smith is such an amazingly talented writer. I’m at lack of words to praise her adequately (and that’s why she is a bestselling novelist and I’m just a ordinary blogger). I’ll retreat to quoting some of the critics on the cover: “epic tale” “scope and vision” and “savour every sentence…”,  It was a great pleasure to read and I will buy her third novel (actually her second, but I read the third first and now her debut) soon. And I will read it just as soon. This debut stayed on my shelf for almost 18 months. Why didn’t I read it earlier?

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It was all over the Grey’s sites this morning: Brooke Smith (Dr. Hahn) is leaving the show. Already at the end of the next episode. I definitely didn’t see that coming. According to her and Shonda Rhimes it was a sole decision of ABC, because ABC either didn’t like the development of her character (well, I agree with that) or that they didn’t wanted to persue the lesbian storyline, which I think is a rather pathetic excuse. Why start it in the first place, if you don’t want to go through with it? I won’t miss Dr. Hahn much as a character (the hospital got too crowed anyway *g*), but the whole situation leaves me baffled. Probably because it happens so all of a sudden.

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