Taking a short break from reading…

I had almost finished writing a post last night, when the news from Mumbai kept me from posting it. My post was so insignificant compared to the terror and tragedy going on there. I don’t feel like writing much today either, not because of the ongoing horrible news, I have to admit. But I’m just too lazy and the novel I’m reading at the moment is getting too exciting. But I’ll take a short break from reading to at least announce that there won’t be much happening on this blog, because I’m busy and/or away from my computer for the next three days.

There is nothing noteworthy going on in my life right now anyway. Today was the first weekday in a while, where I actually didn’t got home around 7 PM or later. Visiting my Mom in the hospital just takes up quite much of my free time, which I don’t mind in general. She is so bored and thus always happy to be able to chat with visitors for a while. Especially as she still can’t leave her floor (to get a coffee in the cafeteria or something like that). But I definitely notice that the 1,5 – 2 hours these visits last (including driving there and back) are missing in my days. Not today though, because I didn’t visit her today. I got home around 4 PM and actually got quite a few things done. I’m under the impression that it should already be midnight, because I’ve already spent so many hours at home :-). Yes, my sense of time is messed up tonight.

The last test my Mom had yesterday was a special colonoscopy with a tiny tiny camera. She had to swallow it and it took thousands of pictures while it wandered through her small intestine, a part which isn’t examined during the usual colonscopy. This test showed something significant at last and explained the intestinal bleeding she had during the recovery after the heart attack last year. She has got a hemangioma (“Blutschwamm” for the german readers) inside her small intestine. And this has to be removed before she can have the heart bypass surgery, because it’s too risky otherwise. It might start to bleed again and she might internally bleed to death. Or whatever, I have to admit I didn’t ask for specifics, because I don’t want to think about things that might go wrong during the surgery. Anway she will have to stay hospitalized even longer than I though and probably won’t be home during christmas, which sucks.

This week is packed with a lot of (hopefully) great events. Two days ago I saw CATS in Cologne and loved it. I love that musical anyway, so it’s no big surprise that I had a great time. We saw the “original” version and I just now learned that a few scenes / songs from the original production were missing in the shows I’ve seen in Germany before. I have to admit that I even could have done without these scenes :-) But all in all it was a huge pleasure to watch the show. The cast was great (singing and dancing) and the the vast amount of catchy tunes in this musical is just awesome. We had pretty good seats in row 9 and got an almost private perfomance by Mungojerry just two seats away from us. It was really impressive to see some actor so close up.

Tomorrow night I will be in Cologne again at the pre-record-relase-concert of a new German band, called “5vor12”. Hai_di found them on myspace and the few songs I know are great, so I’m looking forward to the show tomorrow. And Saturday afternoon I will return to Cologne to spend the weekend with some friends. We’ll be seeing a theatre performance on Saturday night and most probably have a wonderful night. For other reasons, which I don’t want to write about, because that might jinx it. But I’m definitely looking forward to Saturday night and the weekend in general, because I haven’t seen one of these friends in ages.

I thought about posting the links to some stuff I found on the net, but now I’m too lazy to actually do that. And it wasn’t important anyway. And I have to admit it’s just too tempting to get back to reading the novel I mentioned above.

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