Waiting for Bob the Builder…

I’m sure I mentioned that Bro2 was planning to build a house next to my parents house. During the last couple of months a lot of planning and preparing was done and it became more real with every day. The construction company will start tearing down the old garage / patio next Wendesday which means we will finally have to say goodbye to parts of the building, which existed as long as I can remember. And it feels very strange, in fact the already obvious changes felt strange for a while now. Bro2 alreday took a lot more pictures, I just started to take some today.

I  realized among all of my old photos there isn’t one, where the patio (at the back of the house) is clearly visible, but this one from the Darts Tournemant in the summer shows a glimpse at least.


The whole patio had a roof and the inner part even was sort of like a wintergarden, but not a real one. In the back of the photo (out in the garden) you see the trunk of our huge chestnut-tree, where Bro2s lobby (or kitchen or something) will happen to be sometime next year.

And that’s what the patio looks like at the moment.


The whole structure will be torn down and replaced with new and bigger garages with a new patio on top, after Bro2s house is erected next to the parents house. But right now the garages are just in the way for the construction to take place. Bro3 used to work as bricklayer / construction worker for more than 15 years. His former company will do most of the construction work, but for some jobs they will only supply the machines and material and Bro3 will do it. That’s why we’ve already got a huge dredger in the backyard :-)


Bro3 used it to shove some stuff around already yesterday *g* and my Mom was really nervous about it and afraid he might damage something (like the neighbours’ garage). Or the dredger itself. She will never let him live it down that while he was still working in construction he once actually managed to tilt over his dredger. I still think it’s an hilarious story and so does he, but my Mom was and still is rather worried about that. Typical mother reaction, I guess.

One last photo:


That’s the view to the garden next to the front door, the remaining tree stump. There used to be cobbled paths leading from the door to the lawn and a lot of flowers and plants but everything has already been removed. In the next few week this view will only show a huge pit in the ground :-( I still can’t imagine what’s that all is going to look like…

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