Good News…

My mother’s heart bypass surgery went well this afternoon. Yay! I had quite a few restless hours today, because actually her surgery was scheduled for this morning. But when I called around 1.30 PM I was told that my mother had in fact just been wheeled to the OR a few minutes ago, as she was scheduled for the second surgery of the day. Great, I had to spend another four hours hoping my cellphone won’t ring with any sort of bad news. Thank God it didn’t. I don’t know anything more yet, but I’m happy and relieved all went well so far.
Some time during the evening I thought I could write a “Yay, I’m oh so happy” post, but then the Sharks lost the game after all (due to the stupid stupid referee, yes in this case it really was the referee’s fault). So I’m not happy at all about the games outcome. But of course it doesn’t really matter anyway. It just would have been nice to write about two sources of happiness. But of course I also settle with just one :-)

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