I'm Still Alive…

Today is the first day of my christmas vacation and I actually had planned to write a list with all the things I want/have/plan to do during the next two weeks. I didn’t get around to do that and now I think I probably won’t do it after all. Compile all that into a list, that is. I’ll just do the things and check items of as I go along during the next 16 days. School things, hockey things, entertainment things (a lot of those, as the West Wing Box was delivered this afternoon *g*) , running a fan site things (which I am soo behind in keeping it up to date) and a couple of other things. At least I slept in this morning and will continue to do so for the next couple of days. Tonight there was the last political / representative thing I had to go to. Well, I didn’t have to, but as the leader of the green party on the town council it can’t hurt to go to these kind of events and be seen. Yes, it sounds superficial and it is, but what can I do… ?

I still haven’t figured out what to do on New Year’s Eve. My mom might be home between christmas and the new year. But at the moment it’s really just a possible possiblity and neither her nor me want to get our hopes up. She is doing really well for a post-bypass-op patient, but she stll has got arrhythmias. Not the ones which were caused by the blocked arteries but the ones she used to have for over 15 years. The doctors want to fix those with something called catheter ablation on Monday. It’s a procedure in which they will destroy the sick tissue in her heart which causes these arrhythmias.
According to one of the doctors she could be release on or after christmas if everything goes well. She still has to go to a rehabilitation clinic in the new year for physical and other therapy. But it’s a clinic in the neighbouring city so she might be able to do that as an outbound patient. We’ll see. Anyway, my mom doesn’t want to get her hopes up that she will get home in the next week, and I probably shouldn’t either. But I can’t help it.
So if she really really might be home before the new year I’d probably spent New Year’s Eve over at her place. If she’s still in the hospital I still have no idea where to go or what to do for New Year’s Eve. Maybe I’ll stay at home and just go to bed early :-)?

Throughout the day I thought of a million things I wanted to write about, about now I can’t remember what theseĀ  things were. I guess they weren’t so noteworthy after all. I will do my best to fill this blog with some more real content over the next two weeks though. At least I will try… When I will find the time between all the things I want to do and especially all the TV movies and shows I want to watch…

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