Merry Christmas…

Is there anyone still around (online) to read this after all :-)? It looked like most of you are heading home to spend the holidays with parents/families. So will I, but my mom and Bro3 lives just a short walk away. Bro2 still lives in our small city and Bro1 in the neighbouring one, just a short drive away. So we see each other regularly every week anyway and don’t have to use the holidays to make up for the lack of family time throughout the year.
I will probably be heading over there soon though and take some grad school stuff with me to work on, in case my help to prepare something for tonight isn’t needed. I might be able to get some work on my assignments done over there, because my apartement is much too distracting. Well, not the apartement itself, but the things in it. Computer and internet and especially the West Wing :-). I watched two more episodes last night and ended with their first christmas in the White House, which was a nice coincidence. I know I repeat myself, but this is such an awesome show .

I didn’t / couldn’t work on the school assignments yesterday, because I had to take care of some family stuff and then it was around 6 pm before I got home and I really didn’t feel in the mood to study at that time of the day. I will have to make up for that today. At least I will try.

Anyway I should gather all my things I want to take with me to my mom’s place and head over there soon. If you’re still reading this before Christmas: Have a merry one and enjoy it…

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