Short medical update…

When the green party conference ended a bit earlier than expected I thought that I would have the time to write my Grey’s review tonight. I even already added up numbers for my proof that the hospital is too crowded these days. Doing that just proved to me that my brain was too tired for these kind of thoughts. So I might just watch the episode again tonight and write the review tomorrow.

Today my mom was transfered to the cardiac clinic for her heart-bypass. She (and we) were informed about it yesterday and of course were surprised that that happens now all of a sudden. I wasn’t worried though and I probably shouldn’t be, because it was planned for a long time and was only just postponed for other medical reasons. But these problems were solved, so of course the next step was to transfer her. I didn’t think there would tests be done on the weekend, but they were and the bypass surgery is already scheduled for Monday. And that it should take place so soon now, actually worries me a bit. I couldn’t visit her today (because I was at the conference) and neither could I talk to her on the phone, because she doesn’t have a phone on the intermediate care unit, she was admitted to. I hope to find out more details about all of that tomorrow afternoon, when I will visit her. But anyway, I’d be really grateful if during the next couple of day you keep your fingers crossed for us and if you’re religous, keep us in your prayers. Thanks.

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