Surprise present from Bro3

When I talked with Bro3 on the phone this morning he said “I’ve got a present for you”. I hate it, when people say that and don’t tell me right away what kind of present that is. Yes, I know it would ruin the surprise and I don’t really hate it, but it makes me edgy anyway. Especially as my brothers and I usually don’t give each other presents. For christmas or birthdays or any other ocassion. Which probably sounds like we’re estranged or something, but we’re not. We actually spend quite some time with each other or in each others presence at my mom’s home, where Bro3 is still living and Bro2 is building his house right next door. We are just not that close on an emotional level. If I had serious problems of any kind I most probably wouldn’t talk to one of my brothers about it. It probably sounds like we’re an emotional retarded family :-), but actually we’re doing just fine. The way we managed to get through the hard times a year ago was proof of that. To me at least and anyway I didn’t want to turn this post into some sort of family therapy thing. Maybe I should scrap that whole paragraph?

So, Bro3 had a present for me. I was pretty sure it had to do something with hockey, because he saw the Roosters game last night. I knew it couldn’t be a signed Traynor jersey from the lottery, because that had been the prize last week :-) But of course it was a Traynor item indeed. Bro3 would never think of giving me something of any other Roosters player, because he know Paul ‘Hooligan’ Traynor is my favourite player of that team. Bro3 also knows me well enough that he wouldn’t even have considered buying this, if it wasn’t a special edition sort of thing. Every once in while there’s some special hockey merchandise being sold at the Roosters arena. Player cards, pins, caps and this time there alo were postersize (ca. 30 x 50 cm) player photos taken during game. And I love Bro3 for knowing that I probably wouldn’t go great length to put a poster of Paul in his usual team-jersey on my wall. But that I would be thrilled about this special photo after all. And I am. And I admit that the jersey he is wearing has a great deal to do with my excitement. I definitely have to frame this to keep it safe. It really is so wonderful to share my hockey love with some of family…

Paul poster

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