I'm in TV heaven…

This post will be followed by my lengthy review later today / tonight, but I just have to say: The new Grey’s episode was just unbelievably awesome. Intense! And wonderful. For this whole three-story-arc I’d say there are Emmys, Golden Globes or whatever awards in order. For Ellen and Paddy and Chandra. And for Eric Stolz of course. What a great TV week. Awesome LOST premiere last night, awesome Grey’s today. And Raising The Bar will obviously return this week too. I’m in heaven. Now I just have to find time to watch all of it :-)

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  1. Ich war ein wenig enttäuscht von der neuen LOST Folge, mein Eindruck verstärkt sich, daß niemand die Handlung bis zum Schluss kennt und jetzt wild “rumerfunden” wird …

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