All The Things I Have To Deal With…

Let’s see what’s keeping me busy at the moment.

Work. Two jobs and in both there is a lot going on right. There is a lot to organize and deadlines to keep and just a lot of things to get done.

Local Politics / Green Party: Besides the usual town council work, the municipal budget debate started last week in all committees and the town council. Which means a lot more preperation and discussion among us Greens. We will be spending the whole weekend away, discussing the budget and working on additional proposals and stuff.
We’re also in the midst of preparing the election campaign, because there is supposed to be local election in early June. We are way behind with our preparation, and haven’t even finished putting together our electional programme. That’s one of the reasons I keep my fingers crossed for the State Constitutional Court tomorrow to rule in favour of postponing the election date till September. Well, there are a lot of other reasons why local elections in June were a stupid idea. Reasons based on my comprehension of democracy and all, but I have to admit, our lack of prepration definitely calls for voting later in the year :-)
We are also planning a special “Carbondioxide Lent” campaign with a few smaller events. It sounded like a great idea at first and I still think it is. We just haven’t really managed to organize that many events yet, not to mention we haven’t prepared any press and PR stuff yet.
I think the major problem with all this is, that our local Green Party consists of just a few people and even of those there are just 4-5 who are actively actually doing anything. Sometime I feel like I am the only person who is doing anything. Well or at least I think I’m the only person who is aware of how many things are not done, although they should be.

I used to be pretty organized but at the moment I feel partially overwhelmed in both work and politics. Because all of this comes with quite a few meetings, most of them in the evenings, which means that I’m hardly at home on a weekday evening.

Then there still is my master programme at graduation school: I’ve got a term paper due in Mid-April and another one in early May. I have just outlined ideas for the first one and haven’t even finished reading all the stuff for the second. I have no idea when and how I will be able to work on those. And I actually don’t just want to work on them along the way and hand in something mediocre. I was determined to work on some of the stuff last night, when we had cancelled our Green party meeting and I was looking forward to a rather relaxed evening at home.

But then in the early evening my mom called to inform me that her doc wanted her re-admitted to the hospital because of severe cardiac arrhythmia. So instead of working on grad school assignments or having a relaxing visit at “The West Wing” I spent about two hours at the ER. Trying to calm down my mom, talking to doctors, trying not to worry too much myself (and mostly failing with that). Plus 20 minutes drive each way. So yes, I think I’m entiteled to a little break from all that crap. Please?

I went to the office this morning, but couldn’t really concentrate on much and I also didn’t reach some of the docs at the hospital, so I left (very) early to check on my mom in person. She is doing fine now, she actually was even doing much better last night in the ER already. She’s still got some cardiac arrhythmias, but she’s had them on and off for the last 15 years. Well actually not just “on and off”, she’s got them and due to pharmaceutical treatment these arrhythmias usually aren’t dangerous or anything. The docs at the hospital still want to run some tests now and maybe change some of the pills and stuff. But I could really really REALLY do without having to worry about my mom’s health for a few months. She just got home from the last big cardiac treatment three weeks ago. Give her (and me) a break.

I’m a bit calmer now, well actually I’m a lot calmer. But this all still sucks. I originally had planned to go to the movies tonight and see “Frost/Nixon”, but I cancelled that already last night and I still didn’t feel like going today. Especially not since I had to make several urgent work-related phonecalls on the way back home from the hospital.
I really just want my mind and body to calm down and I know I can do that best at home. Writing a long and whiny post already helped a bit. And so will maybe (probably *g*) to watch some TV series. But I have to prepare some dinner first. Which I haven’t done since… I honestly can’t remember with all the evening meetings and all. And maybe I will even find it in me to read some of the material I need for this second term paper. I really really have to start working on that.

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