IV 1 and 2 …

Yesterday and today I have had the first two IVs of corticosteroid to lessen the effects of my current MS attack and I’m doing ok so far. My sense of taste doesn’t seem that badly messed up as the last times. Everything I eat still has a slightly metallic taste to it, but it’s just a slightly taste. Yesterday I spend the early afternoon to take care of some Local Greens stuff, delegating meetings and assignments I can’t work on at the moment, because I’m just not up to it. After that I spent the rest of the day catching up with the last three Brothers & Sisters episodes I’m really worried about Robert and Kitty now. Really worried.
I actually wanted to go to bed rather earlier, because my body was getting tired. But my mind wasn’t… Stupid meds. So I didn’t turn in before 11.30 pm. I woke up around 2.30 am and couldn’t really go back to sleep again. I dozed of for approx. 20-30 minutes several times, but it wasn’t really relaxing and so I got up with a pounding headache.┬áStupid, stupid meds.

At least I’m the only patient at my neuro’s practice to get IVs at the moment, so I don’t have to endure boring or annoying and forced conversations in the mornings. I can read and listen to my Harry Potter audiobook and just pass the time somehow in private. And I even still had the energy to cook some lunch today. Yay me! But now I’ll retreat to my comfy armchair, with a book, some chocolatey stuff and forget about the crazy, nasty and not-spring-like weather outside. And I’ll most probably will finally continue my visits to the West Wing tonight. I haven’t been there for a while…

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