*sings* "Hello out there, we're on the air…

… it’s hockey night tonight”…

If you don’t know the song yet, check it out at youtube [it was the best I could find on short notice, but it shows how old the song is *g*]

I’m doing better today. As you might have figured from me singing :-) My heart seems to have calmed down a bit and so does the nausea. My body still doesn’t take a lot of strain though. I was out of breath and groggy from a 15 minute walk. This have to be the meds and I hope that will improve soon, because I’m usually walking around a lot and I don’t want to feel like I need extra oxygen, everytime I just leave the house. My bloodwork came back ok. I really have no idea what’s causing this at the moment.

News of the day… best news of the week(s, months)_ I managed to get my set-top-box running and am finally hooked up to digital cable TV. Besides the basic programs my landlord pays for I choose an additional package and I can finally finally finally watch hockey again. YAY! No German teams though. My brother’s got that package so I don’t need it as well. Especially as there are just 2 games a week on TV anyway.

I choose to get the package with ESPN America instead. They cover quite a bit of NHL hockey and even if I can’t watch live games (in the middle of my night) they also show the games “as live” during my daytime/evening. Yes, it’s not the same, especially when you already know the score and all, but still. It’s the NHL. Watching hockey. Hearing about hockey. And there also is “NHL on the fly”. I really have to get hold of the schedules and mark my calenders now…

Yesterday’s game San Jose @ Calgary will be on in about 15 minutes and I’m so looking forward to it. And especially to maybe finally getting an idea why sar_sunshine is so wild about the Flames and the Saddledome :-)

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