Too Busy For This…

When I made some huge changes in my blog(s) last year (language, blog host, running a wordpress and livejournal blog etc) I was determined to blog a bit less and to try to only write when there is something worth telling. I’m not sure how well I kept these resolutions during this first year, but my busy busy life finally forced me to at least reduce my posts to a minimum. Well, for my standards anyway.
It will probably stay that way for a while now. Because I’m insanely busy in real life with work and local politics and other stuff and also because I don’t want to cut short my personal life and fun activities. Like watching hockey and going to the movies and meeting with friends for dinner and drinks.
I probably even could write a lot about all of that. If I would ever find the spare time or the inclination to do so. I don’t want to vent about stressful jobs and annoying coworkers. But neither can I get up the energy to write lengthy reports of the fun and wonderful moments I also experienced. Because I’d want these reports to be detailed and cover everything, but these “tasks” seem to be too overwhelming and timeconsuming to me. So I’ll spend the spare time at home with less tiresome things like watching TV series or catch up with all the blogs, journals and sites I’m subscribed to.

There will be less busy times some day. At least I hope there will be… And now I’ll put up another post about something definitely worth telling…

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