Project365, Week 02: Blue

Today is the second time this week, that I’m confused about the weekdays. I keep thinking it’s already Sunday and I’m getting panicky because I have to hand in my termpaper and it’s so far from being done. Except from a trip to the supermarket and a short stop at my mom’s on the way home I will be stuck home in front of my computer typing away. I guess it’s a good thing I took the last photo of the 2nd week already last night (after midnight so it was actually today…).

For next week my topic will be “Four”. I decided on that already last week, I don’t remember why *g*, but I think I will manage… Anyway here are this week’s photos, which I already like a bit more than last week’s :-)

008: Blue 1

009: Blue 2

010: Blue 3

011: Blue 4

012: Blue 5

013: Blue 6

014: Blue 7

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  1. oh I wanted to start the project as well on Monday. completely forgot about it. So I will do it then from next Monday on but analogue ;)

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