A "Souvenir" I So Didn't Need…

During my Highland Tour my scalp was itching every once in a while. I suspected some skin irriation to one of the shampoos in the various hotels. On the first day of Edinburgh I got a bit sunburnt and thought that my scalp probably did too and the scalp was really just itching every once in a while. But it still did here at home, so last night I consulted Dr. Google and started to suspect something – head lice to be exact – but as far as I could exam my hair / scalp there were no signs of anything.

Today I went to the pharmacy anyway to buy a special louse comb and some insecticide for hair lice. Usually you should use the comb in wet hair, but even when I tried it out on my dry hair, I found nits and… a living louse. EEEWWW! So not a souvenir I wanted to bring home with me. And I’m kind of embarrassed about it, even though I know I don’t have to be, because there was no way of preventing to get them. If you don’t believe me, google it for yourself. I still haven’t figured out how and where I might have possible got them. But it sucks! Period!

I spent the afternoon adminstering the instecticide and thorougly combing my hair, which isn’t that simple on your own head, I can tell you that. I also cleaned my apartment (which was on today’s agenda anyway) and put in several loads of laundry, bed linen and various other stuff, which might have got some lice on it. Even though most sources say, that’s all not as important as to get the lice actually off the human scalp.

After I hang the last load of laundry I will spent the rest of the evening wallowing in self-pity, eating too much unhealthy comfort – food, post the next round of photos, continue (and maybe finish) reading the 3rd book of the Outlander series and maybe even pay a visit to The West Wing. All nice and wonderful activites which helpfully keep my mind of the things on my head :-(


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