Day 3 – Inverness to Isle of Skye

My mom will be discharged from the hospital tomorrow. Yay! As it turned out there is nothing wrong with her heart, nothing new anyway. It were the usual arrhythmia. But in her case you just never know. Anyway, I’ll be taken off work tomorrow to pick her up and maybe I will also find some time to post more photos. And take care of a lot of stuff for job #2. And to start ironing lots of laundry. And to work on some stuff for the local Greens. And maybe to read a bit more of book 4 of the Outlander series. I already know that I will have a hard time to not spent hours immersed in the story. I hardly find time to watch the daily Grey’s episode for the marathon *g* But that’s where I will turn to now and leave you with a new round of photos…

Day 3 started with the visit to yet another waterfall and here’s a photo even though I don’t remember the name or the exact location.

Waterfalls, Somewhere in Scotland

We continued further west towards Loch Torridon, which can be see in the distance…

View on Loch Torridon

Mountains near Loch Torridon

Mountaintops near Loch Torridon

On this and all of the following days, especially on the Isle of Skye, we finally met quite a lot of sheeps running around on the fields and on the roads. This also is a very typical Highland road with only one lane and bays every 100 meters or so, which allows two cars to pass each other.

Sheep in Scotland

This is a photo shot from inside the car. We really drove all the way down there and then along the coast on similar roads like this…

Road near Applecross, Scotland

… until we reach another large lake, Loch Carron. The smooth surface of the water was incredible, especially on such a nice summer day.

Loch Carron, Scotland

Of course we passed the probably most photographed castle in Scotland, Eilean Donan Castle, which was prominently featured in the Highlander movie (and also in “Made of Honor”). Exterior Shots follow on Day 5, this is the castle on the inside.

Inside Eilean Donan Castle, Scotland

At the end of Day 3 we reached the small town of Portree on the Isle of Skye, with this beautiful harbour front and harbour view.

Harbourfront, Portree, Isle of Skye, Scotland

Portree Harbour, Isle of Skye, Scotland

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