Photos From London And Glasgow

I haven’t taken many photos in London, because I did that when I was there last year :-) And there wasn’t honestly not much to take a picture of in Glasgow, at least not to my eye. But here are a few.

In front of the British Museum there was a huge garden with an Indian landscape. It was supposed to show all the various vegetation in India and it looked really really nice.

India Landscape at British Museum

Inside the British Museum

Great Court, British Museum

I did a tour of the amazing British Library and of course the highlight was the King’s Libary right in the center of the building.

King's Library, British Library, London

City Chambers in Glasgow

City Chambers

Glasgow Cathedral

Glasgow Cathedral

Necropolis, the really old graveyard of Glasgow

Necropolis, Glasgow

View of the Kelvingrove Museum

View of Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

Inside the Kelvingrove Museum

Hall in Kelvingrove Museum, Glasgow

And I had to think of kerrsmith2306 at once, when I saw the modell and a bit more information about the “Railplane” (from the year 1922) which was supposed to be a suspension railway, propelled by propellers. It never really made it beyond modells and a short test track :-)

Modell of a Railplane

That’s all for now. The first photos of lakes and castles and nature will follow tomorrow, hopefully.

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