Project365: 092 – 098 (Week 14)

After a lengthy post on Friday I’m back to the (almost) wordless post of this weeks pictures. I was planning to take some pictures around town today for some of our election campaign material. So I just hope that it’s not going to rain, even though the forecast says it most probably will. We’ll see. And I have to clean my apartement first anyway. But now on to the pix…

092 Week 14-1
2009-07-26: Lazy Sunday afternoon

093 Week 14-2
2009-07-27: Cotton candy sky

094 Week 14-3
2009-07-28: Late late night dinner

095 Week 14-4
2009-07-29: Events to look forward to

096 Week 14-5
2009-07-30: Metro station: Viehofer Platz, Essen

097 Week 14-6
2009-07-31: Tomatoes, cucumber, red peppers, croutons and yoghurt dressing… yummy!

098 Week 14-7
2009-08-01: Using the travel mug at home

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