Project365: 106 – 112 (Week 16)

Ugh! Last week probably was the busiest week so far in the summer of 2009. Or maybe it just felt like it, because I had to spend the whole weekend at some work-related events. I was pretty busy on Monday and Tuesday of this week, but luckily had yesterday off. Sleeping in. Finally having the time to clean my apartment and take care of some other stuff. Didn’t get nearly as much done as I’d have loved to, but I can blame it on the weather :-) At least today I’ll finally manage to post these photos from last week. At the moment I have no idea when my life will get less busy. Some time next year, maybe ?

106 Week 16-1
2009-08-10: My bed and Brent (the moose)

107 Week 16-2
2009-08-11: Goodbye Frasers & MacKenzies

108 Week 16-32009-08-12: Printing our Green electoral program

109 Week 16-42009-08-13: This year we could even afford billboards

110 Week 16-5
2009-08-14: Stocking my fridge / cupboards with

healthy food for the Game On! Diet

111 Week 16-62009-08-15: Winding tower in a converted mine (now museum)

112 Week 16-72009-08-16: My contribution to an impromptu art project

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