2nd (and last) post from Norderney

I just blinked and my vacation is already almost over. Well, I still got until the ferry back to the mainland leaves at 3.30 PM tomorrow afternoon. I have to leave my room until 11 AM, which means I could still have the laptop plugged to the outletand charged, so I might be able to use it at one of the cafés around here. There even is one with a t-mobile hotspot. Yes, I did use the simple internet functions of my phone to look for that, when I couldn’t get online at the hotel and none of the staff felt inclined to feel responsible for at least trying to find out what might be the problem. I didn’t really expected them to fix it, but at least it would have been polite to offer to look into it. And not a “I don’t use the t-mobile hotspot to go online, so I don’t know what might be the problem” answer. There were a few other tiny details why this hotel and it’s staff wouldn’t get glowing reviews from me, but as it is not too expensive and really ok for the small amount I’m only paying per night, I shouldn’t complain. And I won’t. Not anymore, now that the WLAN is working again *g* It’s terrifying how easily I let myself get sucked back into the online world, once there is the possibility. Because I really really didn’t bring the laptop to be able to go online. I needed it to write my termpaper. And I did use it for that mostly. I can and did go online with my phone even though that’s basically restricted to view sites and not even all of them. It’s an old phone :-)
Anyway, I wasn’t really online that much during this vacation. A couple of minutes at the public internet terminal and 70 minutes so far via WLAN. Which sounds like a lot, but trust me it’s not. I only checked my replies at twitter, quickly browsed through some blogs and journals, checked the weather forecast, and the train schedules for my departure. And saved the updates on some of my favourite Grey’s fanfics, so I could read them offline. I only checked my yahoo mails, because that’s basically all the fandom and blogosphere related stuff and not once checked my offical or even work-related mails. Because I am officially on vacation :-)

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Today I finally had the feeling that I might have found a way to solve the problems I had with this termpaper. At least I could start to write some of the parts I had such huge difficulties with at the first try in April. I still haven’t gotten far yet, but I hope I might get some more stuff done tomorrow and hopefully over the weekend as well. There is still so much to write, but I got about six more weeks until I have to finish the paper, so that should be possible. Only if I don’t start to let things slide again. I really really needed all this spare time during the last couple of days to read up on all the study material and copies from various textbooks. To just get back into the whole subject. And to get a grasp of most of it :-) I could still need a couple of more of this undisturbed days to get even more into it. I just hope that I will be able to stay focused on that for the next couple of weeks with all the distractions the real life (work, TV series, books) my everyday life has to offer.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Among the non-textbooks books *g* I brought with me was “The Book Thief” and after I finished the book I had started reading last week I did start “The Book Thief” this afternoon. I was hooked after just the prologue and saw myself reading it in my spare time during the next few days, when I remembered that the 7th book of the Outlander series should be delivered to me on Friday or Saturday. And that means I would have to put away the only half-read Book Thief, because there is no way I could wait to read about Jamie and Claire again. So I didn’t even continue reading the Book Thief now. It will have to wait until some time in October.

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

Another thing that most probably will distract me from my termpaper is the Grey’s season premiere, which I really look forward to. Yes, I know a lot of the plot of last season sucked, but with this show I tend to be a glass half full person. Meredith and Derek are together. For good. And happy. That’s basically all I need to know for now. I hope it will help me to overlook some more crappy plotlines if they are thrown at me :-) This evening I read on twitter that Stella Luna Pompeo Ivery was born already a couple of days ago. Congrats to the parents. Especially for obviously being able to keep it private for a few days. With all the papparazzis stalking her (at least that’s what I gathered from the amount of pregnant Ellen pix there were), to not have that information out the minute she got to the hospital is quite something…

° ° ° ° ° ° ° °

I realize this was a rather ordinary blog post and not at all one of a vacation-type. There isn’t thatI  much to tell about this vacation anyway. I spent quite a lot of time studying. In sometimes very relaxing locations, but studying nonetheless. Yesterday I rented a bike to get around the island without having to rely on the bus and the very restricted schedule. I re-visited my favourite spots from the visit three years ago and enjoyed that very much. I didn’t climb up the stairs of the lighthouse again though, because I knew that riding a bike while there is a strong wind blowing, takes more than enough energy. I had to get back into the village on the bike after all :-) Today I spent a couple of hours at the spa, but only in the pool section of it. No massages or anything, just chilling in and at the water.

I kind of dread to get back home and step onto my scales again. I don’t think I gained much weight during the last few days, but you’ll never know. I tried to eat healthy or at least to not indulge too much. I stayed away from the icecream and waffles and soda and all that. I didn’t indulge at breakfast (which was a standard hotel breakfast so not too much to indulge with anyway), didn’t go overboard at lunch or dinner, tried to drink enough water… I guess I’ll just have to wait and see. I didn’t really exercise, but walked around a lot and of course there was the bike ride yesterday. The jeans seem to fit just the way they did when I got here, so all might be well :-)

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