Project365: 120 – 127 (Week 18)

Just in case you were wondering… I’m still alive. Still extremely busy with campaigning (for the federal election this time) and just as busy with kicking some people’s butt during a game of the “Game On! Diet”. Following the game’s rules takes some time every day, because I can’t just sit on my lazy but have to exercise and keep up good habits like studying for a minimum of 30 minutes each day (which is not enough to actually complete the classes I’ve taken, but it’s a start). I also need some more time to prepare my food at home, so all of that is keeping me away from this blog. And there really isn’t anything worth writing about. Except the busy life and that’s old news by now. And maybe that the results of our local elections were quite disappointing. We lost some votes (and whe didn’t have that many to begin with) and the socialdemocrats won back the absolute majority of the town council seats which is just so so frustrating. I could go on and on about that, but it would just put me into a bad mood (again).

Today is the first evening I don’t have to work on campaigning stuff or have to attend some meeting or anything. It felt kind of weird to just be at home and have time for all sorts of things. I have to admit I basically didn’t do much, but at least I didn’t have to. All the household chores can wait till tomorrow. Tonight I will finally be watching some TV series again. I can’t remember the last time I did this.

120 Week 18-1
2009-08-24: Close up of a batik shopping bag

(which I got shpping on the Isle of Skye)

121 Week 18-2
2009-08-25: Study material for the Enviromental Psychology class

122 Week 18-3
2009-08-26: Trees under highway bridges

123 Week 18-4
2009-08-27: I spent hours last week with this “pet”

124 Week 18-5
2009-08-28: My 2nd favourite hockey team just has the best posters
(There are 56 games during the regular season)

126 Week 18-6
2009-08-29: Savings box for my change

127 Week 18-7
2009-08-30: Car at the soapbox race

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