Project365: 128 – 133 (Week 19)

Somehow I didn’t manage to take seven pictures last week. I was so busy and just didn’t feel motivated to look out for anything extraordinary. Or anything ordinary at all, that would be worth taking a picture of or which would tell anything about my life. My life is so boring at the moment. At least it feels like it…

128 Week 19-1
2009-08-31: Stocking up my skin cleansing and care supplies
129 Week 19-2
2009-09-01: Result of an afternoon with posters, cardboard and wallpaper paste

130 Week 19-3
2009-09-02: The reason for the previous photo

131 Week 19-4
2009-09-03: Nice reminder of my Canada vacation in 2008

132 Week 19-5
2009-09-04: “We’re going to the chapel and we’re…” :-)

133 Week 19-6
2009-09-: My 100 free calories each day

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