And once again…

I was just starting to read about Hai_di‘s new “firebolt” :-), when my mom called me on the phone. She wasn’t feeling well (nausea, cardiac arrhythmia) and didn’t know what to do and asked meĀ  to come over. Oh well… I went over there, talked to her, called the ambulance, all things my brothers who still (or momentarily again) live in the same house could have done. If she had let them, which she didn’t, because she wasn’t sure and…

On the phone with the emergency hotline the I was told not to be alarmed, if the ambulance came with siren and flashing beacons, because that’s just what they are supposed to. When I told that to my mom, she was slightly panicky, not because she was feeling worse, but because someone would make such a fuss about her. ARGH! Sometimes I really want to shake some sense into her.

Anyway, the doctors came, did some exams and her heart was still beaten irregularily, her blood pressure was up, so there wasn’t much else they could do then to get her admitted to a hospital to check things out. Unfortunately as a patient (or family of a patient) in an emergency you can’t choose which hospital you are taken to. Well, we could choose between the two nearest, but the one where my mom already had been before (heart attack, bypass) was not an option, because it’s farther away.

Bro2 and I drove to the hopsital later to get her some clothes and all and to see how she was doing. At the hospital she was doing fine again. Just like she did when she was admitted as an emergency in July. But she obviously was not doing well at home, I saw the state she was in, so it was a good thing she got to the hospital and they can do some more tests. It doesn’t seem to be anything serious, it might be something off with her elektrolytes, maybe some meds have to be changed a bit… So I don’t worry too much right now. I’ll still won’t turn off my cell phone at night. Just in case… Ugh, that’s the thing I hate most about this kind of medical emergencies. I don’t want to worry and I don’t really worry, but subconsiously of course I DO worry. At least a tiny bit

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