Project365, 141 – 147 (Week 21)

I took a break from the project365, because I thought my life was too boring and too monotonous to take any pictures of it. I just didn’t see anything that inspired me to take a picture of it. Not that my previous pictures were so inspired in the first place. Still… I needed a break. I’m back with a couple of pictures now and hopefully in the future as well. A tiny glimpse into my life…

148 Week 22-1
2009-10-09: Beautiful October day

149 Week 22-2
2009-10-10: Header of the volunteer agreement

150 Week 22-3
2009-10-11: Grey & rainy days need colorful umbrellas

151 Week 22-4
2009-10-12: Lunchbreak with Lord John Grey

152 Week 22-5
2009-10-13: Finally bought some pillows for the pillowcases I bought on the Isle of Skye

153 Week 22-6
2009-10-14: Just one week after it’s US release I got that in my mail *squee*

154 Week 22-7
2009-10-15: One of my favourite pastrie with a creamy vanilla filling. Yummy…

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