Project365, 148 – 154 (Week 22)

I already see myself spending the whole weekend (day AND night) working on the termpaper, because I just don’t get a real grip on it at the moment. I should be, because it’s due next Monday, but still… I feel so out of it today, so my day off (for supervising technicians who didn’t show up!) wasn’t the most productive. Termpaper-wise at least. On top of it I feel like I’m getting a cold or something. I just feel off… Blah!

Here are last week’s (well actually even farther in the past, Friday to Friday) project365 photos…

148 Week 22-1
2009-10-16: “Bob, the builder” left his mark

149 Week 22-2
2009-10-17: Textbooks, notes, drafts… grad school stuff

150 Week 22-3
2009-10-18: At the hospital’s main entrance…

151 Week 22-4
2009-10-19: Birch tree on a beautiful autumn day

152 Week 22-5
2009-10-20: Bro2’s new kitchen floor

153 Week 22-6
2009-10-21: Autumn sunrise

154 Week 22-7
2009-10-22: Vacation planning

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