Project365, 155 – 161 (Week 23)

Last night’s Grey’s Anatomy totally rocked! Thank God, finally an episode I thoroughly enjoyed, even though the Mercy Westers got on my nerves. But Derek totally rocked and I squeed so much during the bedroom scene. That even made up for the presence of the Mercy Westers. I’ll have to refrain from writing a long review until I’ve finished writing my termpaper this weekend. Which I should get back to now. But first, the project365 photos of last week…

155 Week 23-1
2009-10-23: my trollbeads bracelet

156 Week 23-2
2009-10-24: Innercity wildlife

157 Week 23-3
2009-10-25: Besides the ugly jersey color not much has changed…
he is still chatty *g*

158 Week 23-4
2009-10-26: Street-Art

159 Week 23-5
2009-10-27: It’s called “Monster Brownie” for a reason. Monster-ly yummy

160 Week 23-6
2009-10-28: In front of the RWE Headquarter in Essen

161 Week 23-7
2009-10-29: Canada souvenirs on my desk


  1. Love how the “Lighthouse” on your Trollbeads Bracelet echoes the one in your photo from Canada! Did you buy it with Peggy’s Cove in mind?

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