Project365, 162 – 168 (Week 24)

Will I ever stop worrying too much and worrying in advance? Stop coming up with possible disaster scenarios for something, when I don’t even know yet what that “something” is? Yes, I know, 100% cryptic. Without further ado today’s post, which contains the project365 photos of last week. I know I’m awfully late with this, because it’s almost the end of this week. Anyway, here they are…

162 Week 24-1
2009-10-30: Watching hockey in Düsseldorf

163 Week 24-2
2009-10-31: Indian summer in my Mom’s garden

164 Week 24-3
2009-11-01: Revising school assignment

165 Week 24-4
2009-11-02: Delivery from (still haven’t found the time to listen to the CDs)

166 Week 24-5
2009-11-03: Ordinary view of the ordinary commuter

167 Week 24-6
2009-11-04: Indian summer at the train station

168 Week 24-7
2009-11-05: Can’t do without in the mornings…

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