Project365, 197 – 203 (Week 29)

My Christmas vacation was supposed to start yesterday. But this week at work was so insanely busy, that I didn’t manage to get all the stuff done, which needs to be done before taking two weeks off. So I have to go to work on Monday once more *sigh* As I didn’t manage to make the trip to the university libary last week either (busy at work, busy after work), I would have to go to Essen once more anyway, because I really need the textbooks to work on the presentation I have to give in February.

Due to the busy week there isn’t much to write about, so once more this will be a rather visual post. I really hope I’ll manage to write some more posts during the next two weeks.

Week 29-1
2009-12-12: My new roomie, Leo

Week 29-2
2009-12-13: One of my favourite “vacation spots” in 2009 :-)

Week 29-3
2009-12-14: Packing a healthy lunch

Week 29-4
2009-12-15: Getting ready for RUHR.2010

Week 29-5
2009-12-16: Essential care product in these days

Week 29-6
2009-12-17: Essential activity to relax these days :-)

Week 29-7
2009-12-18: The start of the first snowfall this winter


    1. Like I said, the “start” :-) I took the photo in the morning and there was more snow in the afternoon. Maybe I should have taken another photo then, but I took one on Saturday morning for the project365 photos of the following week. It’s all not the amount of snow you’re used to from the Black Forest, I know :-)

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